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Who are we? America’s #1 Most Trusted Mosquito, Flea, & Tick Control Company

How it works:

2 Component Solution: 1st knocks down and knocks out these pests on contact, and the 2nd is micro-encapsulated and once dried stays and does the work for 21 days.

Does it work? Yes. But no service can offer 100% protection from every mosquito. However, you’ll find the presence of these nuisance pests reduced by 85-90%.

Do you offer a Natural Spray? Yes. Acts more as a repellent to be applied every 14 days.

Is it safe? Our product is pet friendly and kid safe. We just ask that no pets or family be in the yard at the time of treatment and allow a 30 minute dry time. Pets benefit due to the fact that some of the ingredients are similar to what you find in flea and tick collars for your pets.

How often do you need to treat? Our Residential Barrier Spray is applied every 21 days.
We use your natural foliage, vegetation, and landscaping to create an invisible barrier.

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