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How Misting Systems Impact Fayetteville Mosquito Control

When looking after your livestock and trying to keep them at their healthiest, you’re more than likely to go to extreme measures. This is completely understandable, and for good reason, it is often a major role-player in your income. While maintaining their living conditions, making sure they have a good diet and ample mobility, there is one thing that a lot of equine keepers neglect; that one important thing is the protection from the most deadly creature on the Earth, the mosquito. Mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting Eastern Equine Encephalitis here in the sandhill area. Fayetteville mosquito control is not limited to protecting just humans; Mosquito Squad of Fayetteville is capable of protecting all of your family members, whether human or animal.

Areas with an abundance of livestock are a feeding ground for mosquitoes. Due to the abundance of standing water and the ideal breeding grounds for the blood sucking pests, the potential for vector-borne illnesses is very high. Mosquito Squad of Fayetteville has an excellent method of ridding your livestock of potentially life-threatening mosquito-borne illness, automatic misting systems. Our automatic misting system is an excellent method because of the continuous mosquito control that it offers. During peak months, Fayetteville mosquito control is extremely important, along with the possibility of having your livestock vaccinated against vector-borne illnesses these pests carry. Our automatic misting spray can help your livestock be free from being constantly bitten by diseased insects.

The exact way our automatic misting system works is actually quite simple. First, our highly trained team will come and install the system in areas deemed infested by these biting pests. Our mosquito misting systems perform a variety of tasks specific to ridding your livestock area of these pests. The misting system will release a 30-second spray 2-4 times per day. The system consists of inconspicuous nylon tubing that connects strategically placed, corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated, stainless-steel nozzles. The only thing that will notice the automatic misting system, are the very pests you’re trying to rid your land of.

Another interesting aspect of our automatic misting spray is the ability of you to actually control the amount and duration of sprays via a remote control. So, if mosquito activity is considerably up, you’re capable of applying a longer, stronger spray than the default 30 second dispersal. Besides being able to remotely control the misting spray, you don’t have to lift a finger; we take care of everything else. From refilling, servicing and even winterizing your mist sprayer, we cover all aspects necessary to keep your misting spray unit 100% effective. If you ever have an issue with your misting device, simply contact us and we will be out there promptly to resolve the issue.

Our commitment to our customers is absolutely the most important thing we can maintain. We offer a 90% effectiveness rate with our automatic misting spray as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When it comes to protecting your livestock in Aberdeen, Pinehurst or the Fayetteville area, give Mosquito Squad of Fayetteville a call. Contact Mosquito Squad of Fayetteville to learn more about preventing mosquitoes and the diseases they carry from taking up residence in your backyard.

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