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Do Mosquitoes Survive Winter Weather

Mosquitoes are cold-blooded creatures and do not generally bite in temperatures below 50F.

Many believe that mosquitoes die off during a freeze. This not true for all species. It may diminish the population, but not kill off the population. Some species survive by hibernating. Some females may burrow in holes and wait for warmer weather. Others will lay eggs in frozen water and then die. These eggs are preserved and will wait for warmer weather to hatch. So, don’t wait until your property is inundated with mosquitoes. Be proactive and mosquito proof your yard.
Make this a common practice in your home.

Mosquitoes are still active in 50 degree weather. Nearing early spring, eggs deposited in winter will re-submerge and hatch with the rise
in rainfall and temperature. Mosquitoes infected can pass it to their offspring.

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