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Summer Has Arrived: Outdoor Weddings, Graduations and Family Gatherings

Mosquito Squad will set the stage for any event. We take care of the pesky nuisance pests, so you can focus on that special day. Don’t have your guests itching to leave. Ensure everyone is comfortable and safe during your outdoor event. We will focus our micro encapsulated solution on your lawn and target all of your natural foliage and vegetation areas ensuring you and your guests are protected. We will apply it 1-2 days prior to your event.

We guarantee an 85-90% reduction in your mosquito population and you will have residual effects for 21 days. You have a lot of meticulous planning to do and only have one shot to make it fabulous! Have Mosquito Squad of Fayetteville ensure the comfort of your guests. Call us today 910-779-2656.

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