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Mosquito Squad is Effective

Mosquito Squad of Fayetteville is Pet Protective

Fayetteville NC mosquito knows pet owners take note when our furry family members come inside and commence a good bit of scratching. This is even more true in the summer. Did they pick up a tick? Did some fleas jump on board? Another important question is, were they bitten by a mosquito.

While you may want your yard to be mosquito-free, you may be worried about whether Mosquito Squad of Fayetteville’s solutions are safe for pets. We can assure you that the same compound used in our barrier spray is the same compound found on flea and tick collars you can put around your dog or cat’s neck.

Mosquito control Fayetteville NC! While our customers are human, we also provide protection from mosquito-borne illnesses for your pets. Barrier sprays eliminate pests that are dangerous to you, your family and your pets. Our barrier sprays are not only EPA certified, they can also prevent transmission of heartworms from mosquitoes. Fayetteville mosquito control is something we take extremely serious and want all of our customers to know exactly how effective our mosquito repellent solution is.

We offer a flea application along with our tick tube treatments. Tick tubes are placed in April and September in the NC geographical location. As we want to stop the breeding process at the pre-adult stage.

If you ever have any questions about the type of compound we use to get rid of mosquitoes and other biting and stinging insects within your yard, call us today at (910) 779-2656, email us at [email protected], fill out the form to the upper right, or visit our website. We look forward to hearing your questions soon!

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