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Welcome to Mosquito Squad of Fayetteville. Mosquito Squad offers a barrier treatment that eliminates mosquitoes with residual affects for 21 days. Protect your family and pets with our Season Package. This treatment creates an invisible barrier around your yard to keep mosquitoes and other nuisance pests out. Add on our flea application to safe guard your pets and tick tube applications for the entire family! The Squad is the first and original mosquito control experts. Not all mosquito control companies are created equal. Don’t be fooled. Our 2 component solution sets us apart from the mediocre. We have delivered more treatments than anyone in the industry. With over 200 locations and over 12 years of experience. We offer discounts for Season Packages and offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our consultation is completely free. Fill out the form on the top right “Alert the Squad” and we will give you a call . We look forward to speaking with you! or give us a call 910-779-2656.

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We due much more that just donate funds. We truly make a difference that saves lives.

What We Do

Mosquitoes are notoriously annoying and capable of ruining any outdoor events, but they also carry highly dangerous vector-borne diseases such as Zika, West Nile Virus. While using “bug-spray” and citronella candles may seem to be the easy, go-to method of protecting you and your family, more often than not it is simply not enough. At Mosquito Squad of Fayetteville, we intend to educate you on how to take back your yard so you may enjoy it during the outdoor months. There are several ways to take your yard back, and we are here to help. We offer four highly effective methods of ridding your yard of mosquitoes; these methods range from seasonal protection, to simply eliminating these pesky insects for special events you may be hosting.

Our traditional Fayetteville mosquito control consists of a barrier spray designed to decrease mosquito activity in your yard by up to 90%, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The application of the barrier protection is done by our highly trained technicians coupled with the knowledge of the most important areas of your yard that need to be treated. The elimination of adult mosquitoes on contact is not enough; at Mosquito Squad of Fayetteville we maintain continuous protection from further breeding. Our microencapsulation formula is capable of protecting your yard for up to 21 days, dependent upon a strong and constant rainfall which may dissipate the solution. For the best results, we recommend reapplying our barrier spray every 21 days.

Another method is the application of our barrier spray with the direct intention of ridding your yard, or event area of mosquitoes for a designated duration of time. Our special event spray is there to keep that special event, such as a wedding, family gathering, or even a simple holiday cookout, pest free. Our highly trained technicians will spray the designated area prior to the event and eliminate problem areas. The spray is odorless and will be unnoticed by your guests, but most importantly, your guests won’t notice the presence of mosquitoes either.

We are here specifically to help you take your yard back and most importantly to protect you, your family and your pets from the dangers of vector borne mosquito illnesses. Our 90% effectiveness coupled with our 100% satisfaction guarantee is too good to pass up. While other companies claim to be as effective as us in the field of Fayetteville mosquito control, we use a microencapsulated solution that adheres not just to foliage’s tops, but encompasses the entirety of the leaves of every plant in your yard. The microencapsulation is much more effective in sustaining its potency in the face of the elements, such as strong wind and rain.

For the most effective results, we recommend season-long control (every 21 days). We will always remind you well in advance of any upcoming service application and leave you a notice that we have been there; most importantly, you do not need to be home while we spray your yard. Hassle free, season-long protection from mosquitoes and the dangers they present is simply an immeasurable relief to families with children and pets. When searching for Fayetteville mosquito control, remember we will help you take care of your mosquito problems and you can rest easy knowing we are on the job, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today at (910) 779-2656.

Our Services

Pests don't stand a chance.

Traditional Mosquito Control

Mosquito Squad's most popular mosquito control service, our traditional barrier spray will decrease your yard's mosquito population by 85-90%! Our trained technicians treat key areas of your property, eliminating adult mosquitoes on contact and providing continuous protection, reapplying every 2-3 weeks.

All Natural Mosquito Control

Mosquito Squad's all natural mosquito spray is made up of essential oils, eliminating adult mosquitoes on contact and working as a repellent for up to two weeks. As opposed to our traditional barrier protection, the all natural treatment must be applied every 14 days.

Automatic Misting System

Mosquito Squad's mosquito misting system is installed on your property for continuous control, all season long. The system automatically delivers a 30-second spray 2-4 times a day when mosquitoes are known to be at their most active.

Special Event Spray

From outdoor weddings to backyard barbecues, our special event spray keeps your guests off the menu. Our trained technicians will spray the area before the event, creating an odorless barrier, eliminating mosquitoes.


Satisfied customers: The strongest proof of our performance

Good afternoon,
I spent the day in my yard cleaning my boat for the first time in over 4 years.
A few weeks ago I went in my yard to pick something up and was bitten at least 10 times in the 4 Min I was outside.
I’m not sure what you did but thank you so much.
Now my 2 year old can use the yard safely.
I do want to sign up for the yearly program can you please send me all the details for it.

Mr. Collado

Their solution works better than the competitions. I’ve tried both.

Kristy H.

Keith showed up today at 10 AM as scheduled and did a great job of spraying all the designated areas. I was very pleased with the work and Keith.
I provide this as positive feedback as I am sure you don’t always hear about the good experiences as much as the not so good ones.
Also, I would like to refer another potential customer for your services.

Eugene W.

Our kids hate getting bug bites when playing outside. But now Mosquito Squad allows our entire family to enjoy more time outdoors.

Erin Z.

We had a Mosquito Squad misting system installed last summer and it has made a huge impact on our backyard. Our 11 year old, who was constantly bitten by bugs, now can play all day without one bite. He raves about it to all his friends in the neighborhood. It’s great for families who want to enjoy their outdoor space.

Sue G.

We called Mosquito Squad last summer when our yard became inundated with mosquitoes. Not only has it allowed us to spend more time outdoors without bug bites, but their service has been wonderful. They call us before and after every spray so we don’t have to worry when we are due or if they’ve been there.

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